• What is A to K?

    A to K is a Swedish company that produces, markets and sells functional Vitamin sprays for different occasions and needs. Our brand A to K stands for vitamins from A to K.

  • Why did you start A to K?

    We felt the need to provide a better alternative to the dietary supplements that were currently available in the market. Therefore, we developed smart functional Vitamin sprays adapted to the needs of the user. Each feature is uniquely designed and has been developed in close collaboration with scientists and industry experts.
    Our vision is to simplify the consumer’s intake of vitamins and minerals. Initially we are launching 3 products and with continuous product development, we will be launching new innovative products for different occasions and needs in the near future.

  • What are the benefits of A to K?

    Vitamins in spray form provide many user benefits – no need for water or to swallow large tablets. Our products are easy to bring along and is more hygienic. It has also been shown that vitamin D in spray form has a higher absorption capacity than regular tablets and capsules*. All of our current and future products are designed to suit active and health conscious people.


    *According to studies published in PubMed

  • What does A to K taste like?

    All of our products have different taste bacuse you need to use different aromas to mask the taste of different vitamins and minerals. Some vitamins don’t taste anything while other can have an unpleasant taste. We only use natural aromas in our products.

  • What products are available in the A to K range?

    We currently have 4 products in our range, Defence, Care, Shine and Junior D-vitamin.

    Defence – a dietary supplement for the active, informed consumer who wants to boost their immune system. Contains Vitamin C, D and Zinc.

    Care – a dietary supplement for the active, informed woman, which targets hair, skin and nails. Contains Biotin, Vitamin A and selenium.

    Shine – a dietary supplement for the consumer who wants to increase their absorption of Vitamin D.

    Junior – is a dietary supplement for children and young adults with vitamin D and it do not contain any sugar or sweetener.

  • Where can I buy A to K?

    A to K is available at pharmacies, health food stores, well-stocked hairdressers, online retailers, and of course here on atok.se. Is A to K not available in your area? E-mail us

  • Does A to K contain sugar?

    A to K is sugar-free, but contains artificial sweeteners. Shine contains xylitol and Defence and Care contain xylitol and sucralose. Junior D-vitamin is completely free from sugar and sweetener!

  • Do we need vitamin and mineral supplements?

    To maintain good health, we need vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are needed in small amounts, but are nevertheless essential for life, since our bodies cannot produce them on their own. To obtain sufficient amounts, you need to keep a balanced diet. Still, it might be hard to know if you get the sufficient amount through your diet and what the vitamins and minerals contribute with.

  • Can you overdose on some of the nutrients by using too much of the product?

    Our products are clearly marked with a Nutritional Reference Value printed on the package. This dose should not be exceeded.

  • Why does vitamin D in spray form have a higher absorption capacity?

    Studies show that taking vitamin D in spray form results in a higher concentration of vitamin D in the blood compared to a corresponding amount in capsule form. The study was published in PubMed *.


    PubMed is the National Library of Medicine´s online version of the database Medline, which is by far the largest bibliographic database within biomedicine, odontology and healthcare sciences.

  • Can children take A to K?

    Our products Defence, Care and Shine are recommended from 15 years age. Junior D-vitamin is recommended from 2 years and upwards.

  • Can pregnant women take A to K?

    Consult your doctor or midwife before taking dietary supplements during pregnancy. As all pregnancies are different, we cannot provide advice about your specific dietary needs.

  • Do your products contain food colorings?

    Our products have no added food colorings. Some of the products have a yellowish color and this is because some vitamins have a yellowish color.

  • How long does a pack of A to K Vitamin spray last??

    Each pack has an expiration date of 2 years from the date of production. See best-before date on the pack. This applies to opened as well as unopened packs.